Thursday, March 7, 2013

Central Higher Secondary School for the Deaf, Naxal, Kathmandu

Another photo from my trip to Nepal last year. I would like to again visit the school for deaf children in Kathmandu, and HOPEFULLY some day go back with more support for the school.

This student had such a great smile, but not when I had the camera up. ;) He was just finishing up his end-of-year exams when I visited the school, had carried his ID to the testing site. I was later contacted by a woman in Europe who was traveling back to visit her nephew at this school. She said he hadn't passed his Year 6 exams, AGAIN, and didn't want to be held back and attend school with all of the little children. She asked for advice. I didn't know what to say or how to help her, wish I did.
(Click on photo to see more pictures from the school.)
I only have two more full days in the US before I travel. Getting on planes and flying long distances, for me, is like being in a space shuttle hurtling back toward earth. You're pretty darn sure you're going to make it, you can see the end goal, but the shuttle shakes and shakes. Then there's the black-out period when you hit the atmosphere and you can't talk with anyone, they can't talk with you (that's me on the longest flight, thinking about my boys back home). As soon as you hit the ground and get back to Wifi Land, you turn on your hopefully charged ipod and send a message home that you're safe, back on solid land. I will be on three planes, traveling for at least 35 hours before I reach my travel destination. I'll be flying over mountains, oceans and deserts. I'm excited to travel, but will feel better once I again see Kathmandu growing larger through my tiny plane window, and even better when I can send a message home.

Looking through my old photos is helping me get more excited, though. I have a growing list in my head of all the pictures I want to take, and only hope I have enough memory cards and space on my computer to hold all of the pictures. :)

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