Saturday, March 9, 2013

Posting by Email

These last few posts on my blog have been more about me messing with my blog format, posting methods, linking to other media, etc. I've been trying different things to see how they work out before I travel. I am now sending this post via email. There may be times when I cannot log onto Facebook or Blogger, yet still want to post an update. Here's to hoping this works!
I'm posting a photo of a goat sacrifice I witnessed in Bhaktapur Durbar Square, in Mulchok Court, behind the Golden Gate. Talim and I were just entering as the group was setting up for the sacrifice. They looked at me, and it was as if they were waiting for me to leave before they started the sacrifice. I asked Talim if it was rude for me to stay. He told me that they were probably more worried about how I would react to the sacrifice. Talim said that if they were doing a sacrifice in a public place, they had to expect the public might stick around to witness it.
I sat there thinking, "You can't get much further away from Kansas than a goat sacrifice in Nepal." Culturally, anyway. I videotaped most of the ceremony. The Korean kid standing next to me looked as if he were going to pass out, so I started talking with him to help him refocus. What did I think? Honestly? I thought the whole ceremony was interesting, and I actually enjoyed watching and learning about something so far outside of my daily life that I was curious to learn more.
Not sure what I'll see this time in Nepal, but I'm keeping my eyes open for the "strange and different." It's kind of nice to step out of my comfort zone, and with my camera to capture the memories. :)

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