Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tiger for Breakfast (Interesting Book)

I always love an interesting book! Here's a good one, somewhat related to my current trip.

From a review: "Biography of the fantastically exciting and dramatic life of a Russian man, tracing his childhood escaping from the bolsheviks, to his days living it up as part of a famous ballet troupe touring Europe and subsequent tour through Asia, leading to his setting up an exclusive club for socialites in Calcutta and finally becoming party planner and hotel owner extraordinaire in Kathmandu. Boris the extrovert, whimsical and full of creative energy with amazing organisational skills as proven in his key role in the royal hunt of Queen Elisabeth II in Nepal - the likes of which will probably never be seen again in terms of sheer grandeur and scale. Would have been rated even higher if not for the occasional chapter on more tangential subjects like mountaineering or describing his mother in law's eccentricities. Surely one of the most interesting and intense lives of any person of the 20th century!"

(Be patient, the reader might take a while to load. Click here for alternate link to full text online.)

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