Thursday, January 9, 2014

Celebrating 500K+ hits on both Flickr and SmugMug!

I have very much enjoyed sharing my photos with everyone through my Flick account ( and my SmugMug account ( I just realized today that I've received over 500K+ hits on both accounts since March/April 2012. WOW! I'm not sure how accurate the counts are on each of these accounts, but here are screen captures I just took from both pages:

KLMarkert Flickr Account
KLMarkert SmugMug Account
I am very thankful to share my photos, and have learned a lot these past two years. What does this mean to me now? Seeing these numbers is motivating me to get serious about some projects I've been tossing around. I've made some great contacts w/other photographers. The people and places I've caught on "film" have been amazing, and now I crave to do even more. WHAT FUN!

What next? Hmmm... :)

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