Friday, January 17, 2014

Infrared Photography with My "New" IR Dedicated Nikon D40

I adopted a new "baby" last night, an old Nikon D40 that was converted for infrared photography. I found it on Craigslist when looking for used photo lighting, and the price was just too low to ignore. Well, today I'm stuck in my "office" pretty much all day, so just took a quick photo break, and this is the result. Taken from our front porch, and with less than two minutes of editing, this is the result. NICE! There's certainly room for improvement, and I need to work on my post-processing workflow, set my white balance with the .DNG Converter, better channel mixing of colors--but I am VERY excited!
This camera has been modified for infrared photography. Before this camera I would take my IR photos with a filter on my lens: set up camera on tripod, get the shot ready and focused, very carefully screw filter on lens (it blocks all visible light, so need to set everything up first), then shoot photo w/guessing how long shutter stays open. Shots that way could take 15 seconds to 2 minutes of exposure, depending on the camera settings. This could create quite a bit of blur if the wind was blowing, branches moving. Now with the dedicated IR photo, I just point and shoot. WOW!!!!!

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