Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wait, a minute... Is that MY photo?

Are you concerned about how your photos shared via social media are being used? I've given this a great deal of thought in the past year. I've even started a Facebook page to share what I've learned--and continue to learn! Would you like to read more? Check out MYPhoto Facebook page here (click on link or photo):

My views on sharing photos through social media continue to evolve. While online "theft" or misuse of photos is probably inevitable, sharing photos wisely can help a photographer with good feedback and exposure. 

What do you think about commercial sites that use other people's photographs on their site, with links to the original photos/sites, but w/o first asking permission to use the photos? Does the link back make it "okay" for the commercial site to use the photo? Can the photos be use with credit given, even if permission has not first been obtained? 

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