Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thinking Outside the (Camera) Box

High dynamic range (HDR) infrared (IR) image of Niagara Falls,
taken with my Nikon D5100, on a tripod, using a Hoya R72 filter
I don't know much about infrared photography post processing of images. When I took my IR photos in the past, I plainly desaturated them, then processed the images as if they were black and white pictures. The last set of colored IR photos that I've posted are not my style. SO WHAT? It can't hurt to learn something new, and to keep learning until I find something that does work. I refuse to ever be stuck in a "photo rut".

Lately I've been putting together a small in-home studio. My efforts have been focused on building up the portrait side of my photography as a business. I fell asleep last night thinking about a few seniors who I will be photographing soon. What poses would work best for these seniors? How can I get to know them first, so they feel comfortable working with me? Will I have my new lighting gear in time to shoot their photos? Where could we go for a nice on-location shoot in the middle of winter?

What a nice change of pace to pick up myIR dedicated camera and shoot something so completely different than a portrait. While I'm not thrilled with my recent IR images, it's good to try something new. :)

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